Trainers, Coaches, Teachers and Tutors: 3 Steps To 
Controlling Your Negative Self-Talk And 
Attracting Students / Clients For Your Business

Blair Singer chats with Louisa Chan
Blair Singer chats with Louisa Chan

International Public Speaker Blair Singer chats with Louisa Chan and discusses why Trainers, Coaches, Mentors, or Teachers have the most
prized, revered and important career.

In This Inspiring And Life-Changing Conversation we covered:

 Blair’s one most inspiring inner-game lesson for Teachers, Trainers, and Coaches

 An insider secret that led to his fame and influence as Master Teacher for Sales and Personal Development.

 Why it is important to gel Personal Development with Business Development
 How sneaky the Little Voice in your head can get

 Three quick and powerful techniques to control your negative self talk instantly
The dual-fold benefit of mastering your own negative self talk for Training Providers

 How you can attract students and clients without fear of sales or marketing 

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About Blair Singer
Singer is the author of three best-selling books and is a Rich Dad™ Advisor to Robert Kiyosaki.

For almost three decades, Blair Singer has empowered people around the world to go beyond their ordinary selves and reach peak performance rightfully earning him a worldwide reputation as an expert in sales, business and personal growth.

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