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Business Building Essentials For Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs To Grow Your Online Business

You Want To Operate An Online Home Business

 So you can use your skills to help impact those you are teaching / coaching
 As you build your business you’ll have time to work on causes you care about
 Working from home allows you the flexibility to be with your family 

You’ve Tried A Few Things But Those Did Not Work

 You’ve read books, attended workshops and even bought some courses
 You”re stressed out but not really making any significant progress
 You even have a Facebook Page but are not sure how to bring in clients
 Confused, lost and overwhelmed, you don’t know where to start …

You Want A Practical, No Frills Home Study Course To Guide You

You don’t have time to wade through conflicting and outdated data on the net
You want the essentials that will bring your results
You want clear directions on what you need to work on next, step by step
You’ll implement the strategies you learn in the course and
You understand that results depends on your taking massive action consistently

Introducing The Business Building Essentials Program

The home study consists of 8 tutorial videos where you will get:
Step-by-step walk through on my heart-centered online business model
Clarity and focus on building essentials business assets
Learn at your own pace and and not get overwhelmed

Here’s what you’ll get in this course

 Essential Strategies to start up or bring your business to the next level
 Practical Guide on mindsets, strategies and processes for maximum success
 Insiders Tips on what you need to focus on now to get going

You Will Learn
Video 1 Overview – what you need to work on and not waste time on the peripherals
Video 2 Identify Ideal Clients – and be the specialist your ideal clients are seeking
Video 3 Setting A Strong Web Presence – be the visible go-to person
Video 4 Your Perfect Offer – provide the right solution and service
Video 5 Your Client’s Journey – understand their decision making points
Video 6 Your Unique Attraction – keeps visitors coming back to your site
Video 7 A Must-Have System to develop loyal fans and buyers
Video 8 An accelerated way to supercharge your new business set up


 Bonus 1 Additional Resources [A mind map Checklist ]
 Bonus 2 References [More links for the adventurous]

But this is Only for Action Takers …

 This is Not another course you don’t intend to complete
 This is Not just for learning but you will implement what you learn
 This is Not for those afraid of making mistakes and learning from them

If you have the commitment, we have the course for you.


What This Program is NOT:
 A get-rich-overnight scheme that works on loop holes for short term gains
 It does Not provide a magic bullet where you don’t have to do any work for
  I will be here to support your questions for a full 14 days if you want to take up this challenge. 


This course comes with a 14-day trial. You can buy it, use it, try it and if you are not completely happy with the content and if the content is a waste of your time then you can write in to support at within the 14-day period and we will give you a full refund (less pay pal admin charges), no questions asked. We firmly believe this course is a valuable guide for your business building.

I am ready to set up and grow my business. I’m looking forward to the “Business Essentials For Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs”. Please accept my registration below!

Order Now And Get Instant Access

Yes! Louisa, Please Give Me INSTANT ACCESS To “Business Building Essentials For Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs”

I understand I will have the entire Program at $98 USD when I act now!

I understand that this program includes downloadable video training and bonuses.

I understand that I have email access to Louisa personally for a full 30 days so I don’t need to feel stuck during the program.

I will set aside time and put strategies into action to grow my business.

I understand that this is a special offer for a limited time only and that I’m enrolling at a very special rate. I’m aware that the course will go back to its regular price after the discount period.

This program involves personal time from Louisa but I will still have 14 days to try the program out. If I am not satisfied with it, I can write in to support within the 14-day period, attach my receipt and  get my investment back.

I have read and understand the terms of this agreement.


Still not sure if you should get this? Here’s a sneak peak into what we will discuss in the course

Now go get the Busiess Building Essentials Home Study Course here:


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