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Are you a local business owner or an independent profession who would like to have the phone ringing and more traffic coming to your store or office (whether you are doing your business off line or online)?

Everyday your market is looking for you, but are you aware of where your market is and how they are searching for you? You could be tapping into different streams of ready, free and viral traffic. But you could also be you losing these streams of traffic to others in your industry.

Social media marketing, especially Facebook marketing and Mobile Marketing is driving the trend for the next wave in digital marketing. Businesses in Kuala Lumpur are setting themselves up to tap into the these new marketing channels.

You must be aware that:

– More than half of online purchases are preceded by an internet search
– 30% of searches include city, state or zip code
– There are 2.6 billion local searches every month
– There are 700 millions users of Facebook
– Half of these access Facebook through mobile devices
– 38% say they will be a fan when their friends like your page [Syncapse]
– 83% (5.3 billion mobile users) of holiday shoppers are influenced by reviews
– That’s 77% of the world population compared to 1.8 billion PC Users
– Half a billion people access the net through mobile devices
User of mobile is said to surpass that of PC by 2015
– Generation Y&Z use Facebook, Mobile, Text or IMs more than emails.
(Stats from Unity Marketing/Google study, October 2008. More information here).

Research indicates that 50% of small businesses are still without a website although their market is searching for them on line and often through their mobile devices. Are you still using the following channels for marketing?

– Phone Directories
– Newspaper Advertisements
– TV /Radio Advertisements
– Direct Mail
– Telemarketing
– Print Advertisements

– Many people no longer make use of phone books.
– Advertisements spent on newspaper and TV has declined
– Direct marketing and tele-marketing has low yield with rising cost.

Your prospects are looking for you through social media sites. They are also sharing their experience of your services or products with their friends through Facebook, Google and Foursquare. Are you aware of what they are saying or writing about you? By the way that would be public information on the internet.

The market is showing us where they are, how they spend their time and what their buying habits are. If you tap into this information, you will be positioning yourself for some good volume of targeted traffic.

Contact us for a complimentary market analysis session and we will help you get a higher ROI for your marketing investment.

Remember to also check out our Marketing Services under the Social Media In Kuala Lumpur page, as well as our free resources and tips at the blog site. You can also find out a little more about us at the About Us section. We look forward to connecting with you an to bring you the benefits of new digital media.


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