Mobile Marketing: How To Scan A QR Code Or A 2D Barcode

How Do You Scan QR Codes

How To Scan A QR Code
How To Scan A QR Code

I wrote about what QR Codes are in my previous post; my niece’s Nintendo has QR Codes / 2D Barcodes, and how we can decode these codes.

And since I have some questions raised about the purpose of having these codes and how one can interpret these codes, I am putting together a video and some additional explanations that will provide some clarifications.

If you see QR Codes and you want to know what information or data these codes are representing, you can do either of the following:

1 -Snap a photo of that code with your phone – any phone with a camera will do
2 -Download a free QR Code reader here
3 – You can now use the newly downloaded application to read your QR Code.
The decoded QR Code will bring you to a source of information, either a website, an image, a text or a video.

Or you can

1 – Download the free QR code reader onto your phone first
2 – Launch that application and use it to snap a photo of the QR Code
3 – The decoded QR Code will bring you to the same source of information.

You can watch this short video here – the part I took with my flip camera was not very clear and I was not able to keep the screen still (I was trying to demonstrate using my left hand as my right hand was holding the flip camera!).  But I hope you can see the demonstration as I stepped you through the process of scanning these codes.

How To Scan QR Codes or 2D Barcode

The purpose is to get information quick and easy. One scan of the QR code and it can tell you where a product is made (if code is on packaging).  I use a QR Code on my business card; one scan and you’ll have my website, contact details in your mobile phone for easy reference.

There are many applications for these codes and your marketing agent will be able to help you tap into the power of these codes. I can safely say that these 2D barcodes will be popping up more on printed material, T-shirts, stationery, restaurant menus and product packaging. Look around and you’ll see more of them popping up near you.

If you find this post helpful, feel free to pass this on to your friends and remember to leave me a comment or two. You will probably also like our free report on How To Master Social Media In 1 Hour A Week.

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