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Teach Online

 Teach-Online: Multiply Your Talents

This book is for Coaches, Trainers, Teachers and Thought Leaders. It shows you how you can multiply your talents, live your purpose and make a meaningful difference with your online teaching or coaching business.

Teach Online: Multiply Your Talents, Make A Difference With Your Heart-Centered Business is now available at Amazon’s Kindle Book Store. Watch out for occasional time sensitive Amazon Countdown Deals and Free Book Promotions).

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Facebook For Busy Business OwnersFacebook For Small Business Builders
This is a 48-min essential Facebook Marketing home study for busy professionals. This tutorial shows you how to set up and make use of free features of Facebook correctly and effectively to get the results you want.

It does not require you to have technical knowledge and you do not need to make use of any Facebook app or Facebook ad.

Using Facebook incorrectly will be costly. This training includes set up, what to post and when to post to get the most results. This is a must-have if you use Facebook for your business. Find out more here …


BusinessEssentialsBusiness Building Essentials
This compact homestudy course is for those who want to understand the fundamentals of building online businesses. It has 8 modules or on demand videos and you have 60-days of eail support for all your questions pertaining to the course..

You will  learn the what is required to run an entire business online instead of just using peicemeal applications or platforms.

No prior technical knowledge is required and videos can be downloaded and watched at your own pace.  Find out more here …


Easy WordPress Blogging With Louisa ChanEasy WordPress Blogging For Beginners
This beginners’ course has 5 modules so your posts are optimized for visitors and search engines.

You will also learn how to upload media files, manage different users, schedule posts, create new pages and set up simple applications.

No prior technical knowledge is required and videos can be downloaded and watched at your own pace.  Find out more here …


How To Build Website - For Non TechiesSetting Up Subscriber Generating Website
This comprehensive video-based training includes the entire process of setting up a website with you own web address (domain); from buying a domain and hosting it with you server to integrating it with an email marketing system.

This modular based home study course has 4-hours of video tutorial on setting up a site that attracts clients.

You do not need to have any technical knowledge as the course explains concepts and terms used by marketers.  Find out more here …

Rpaid Business Growth Program with Louisa ChanRapid Business Growth Program
This is a comprehensive multi-faceted hands-on program that will help you jumpstart your business. This 3-month program includes video training, live one-to-one coaching and consultation as well as email support.

The program provides you with an optmized website and other social media presence. It helps you systematically put in place 3 essentials pillars for successful business.

You will be give the time to learn, absorb, impelement, discuss, consult and see results. Get in touch if you are interested in joining this popular program or you can  find out more here…