Resources & Tips: Feb 3 2012

[Friday Read]: Of Enjoyable Work, Social Media Strategy, Company Culture, Getting More Clients and more..

Chinese New Year Lion Dance


This is the first day of spring and it is officially the first day of the Year of the Dragon! We are having one last FEAST tonight with the clan to bring Chinese New Year celebration to a close… before we welcome Spring!

In this edition of our Newsletters, we have great articles on crafting social media strategy, building company culture as well as making your work more enjoyable. And 5 practical ways to make your profile stand out from the crowd on social media platforms.

Before you jump onto reading those articles (not all are by me), here’s a special offer to you as I celebrate the International Coaching Week – which is from 5th to 11th Feb 2012.

I will be giving away 4 free coaching sessions of 15-minutes each on Feb 7th and Feb 9th. If you want to book my time for a 15-min free laser coaching sessions please send an email to and we will be in touch.

First-come-first-served and please come to the call on time and prepared with your most important question that will make a difference to your business or personal life.

I spend a lot of time and resources learning and keeping in touch with development in business and technology. I enjoy the process of learning, experimenting, implementing and sharing with you what works.  I am especially inspired when what I share makes a difference to you!

So here are some great reading for the weekend:

14 Way to Make Work More Enjoyable
Culture Eats Strategy
The 3 Phases of Social Media Strategy
5 Ways To Attract More Coaching Clients Through LinkedIn
Why You Need Your Own OnLine Space

“No matter how many social media accounts you have out there, you will still want to own your own blog site – that’s your only online equity – beside your email database.” ~ me.

Ok, Enjoy the last 2 days of Chinese New Year and I am ready to embrace Spring!
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Louisa Chan – Make Social Media Marketing Work For You

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