Resources & Tips: Mar 17 2012

Facebook Timeline, Personal Branding & Butterfly Effect, Infested Blogs & Backing up Gmail

Tips an Resources How has your week been?

More news this week on Facebook Timeline. In case you have not read it – Facebook will be rolling out Timeline to 
all Pages by end of March.

The new Facebook Page layout takes some planning to set up and we are testing our Pages as well as our clients’ before we push the Publish button!

Oh, by the way, Twitter acquired Posterous – now may be a good time to start migrating or exporting your posts. That’s just another example of why you need to have your own self-hosted blog site.

And some sound advice on managing your email and blog accounts – in case your blog is infested or email is gone …

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There is so much happening that I can only include a fraction of what I normally share here. Yet the trends and tips impact
your personal and professional life!

Ok, so here’s your list:

Industry Trends Affecting You
Social Is Going Mobile
The Blogs Still On The Rise
Facebook Timeline For Pages: 8 Millions Coverts, 29 Million To Go

Mastering The Uncomfortable Art of Personal Branding
7 Ways to Make Your Business Blog More Readable

On Resources and Tips
5 Best Meeting Minutes Services
10 How To Back Up Your GMail Account
30,000 WordPress Blogs Infested

Weekly Does Of Inspiration
Avoiding The Butterfly Effect

Awareness of what’s changing and impacting your business and taking action will keep your business moving ahead with positive results. Which one of the above do you find most applicable to your business now?

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