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[Friday Read]: Happy Thanksgiving! And 3 Questions …

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Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for how the year has unfolded as I reflect on goals set (personal and business). Also thankful for great relationships, new ventures, new opportunities and good health!

And thanks for being such a great reader, friend and client. I am thankful for your mails, well wishes and suggestions. And I look forward to a more enriching year ahead (something exciting planned for you …)

Since this is Thanksgiving Day you may not have time to read through long lists of resources -they are available at the Facebook page and Twitter Account if you want to check them out.

But I do have just 3 questions for you. If you will take 2-min to answer this 3-question survey it will help me get more clarity on how to best help you with the question of “
What Social Media Presence Should I have?

So that’s it! If you like to have more tutorials and training, just leave your details here and we will send you regular tips and resources. If you like to discuss your own Social Media Presence, then feel free to contact us here.

And if you can answer these 3 questions, I’ll be able to help you with “What Social Media Presence Should I have?” So d
o have a great time and we’ll meet again next week!

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