Start Your Own Online Teaching Business

Teach Online: Multiply Your Talents,
Make A Difference With Your
Heart-Centered Business

This book is for Educators and Training Providers (Coaches, Trainers, Teachers, Tutors and Consultants) who want to build authentic businesses doing what they believe in. It shows you how you can multiply your talents, live your purpose and make a meaningful difference with your online teaching or coaching business.


Content Of The Book Include The Following:

Chapter 1 A Practical Way To Live Your Purpose
Chapter 2 Reality Check, How Viable Is This?
Chapter 3 What Does A Heart-Centered Business Look Like?
Chapter 4 Can I Remain Authentic Running A Business?
Chapter 5 Can I Make Ends Meet Running A Mindful Business?
Chapter 6 What Do I Need To Grow A Heart-Centered Online Business?
Chapter 7 Business Building Mindset – The Heart Centered Way
Chapter 8 Online Marketing Strategies
Chapter 9 Methodologies, Systems and Processes

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For Coaches, Trainers And Teaching Providers

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