How To Update Facebook Page With Your Mobile Phone

How To Do Mobile Upload To Facebook Page
How To Do Mobile Upload To Facebook Page

We talked about using Facebook Business Pages for business purposes in our previous posts. One thing you’ll want to do is to keep content on your Business Page (or Fan Page) fresh and interesting.

You do not need to update it everyday, but whatever frequency you have decided on, you want to be consistent in posting.

That way, your readers get fresh updates, tips and resources from you on the latest development and trends and are kept in the know. They also have a reason for coming back to your page again and again.

Updating Facebook Page with Your Mobile Devices

We are not at our desk with our PC all the time, but we are with our mobile devices all the time. Wouldn’t it be great if we can update our Facebook Fan Page while we are on the go, during the day when we are out and about using our mobile phones or mobile devices such as  your iPad, iPod, iPhones or tablets?

Well. you can do that. And here’s how, just follow instructions in this 2-minute video:


[S3VIDEO file=’freeline/lms/Upload2Page.mp4′ bgimage=’’ height=’240′ width=’320′ sitemap=’true’ thumbnail=’’ redirect=’’ wmode=’transparent’]

You can watch this video on my Facebook Page here Using the Right Facebook Page.

Now you can not only update your status with text but with photos. So the next time you are at an event or seminar or when you are out and about and you see something that you want to share with your Facebook Fans – just snap a photos and upload that to your Facebook Page!

Keep Your Facebook Content Fresh and Interesting

Remember to keep your Facebook Page fresh – with new and valuable content. Your visitors need a reason to come back and visit your Page as well as to recommend it to others. Having a Facebook Page does not guarantee that your fan base will grow. You need to work it.

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