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LinkedIn is a professional social network that’s a great source of new clients for professionals like you.

Why Use LinkedIn?
LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking site, with over 330 million active members worldwide.

Better Customers
LinkedIn has fewer members than some other social networking sites, but these members are much BETTER for your business!

The average LinkedIn user earns $107,000 per year. These professionals are comfortable with paying to improve their current situation and well being, and they have the money to do it!

Customers In Groups
LinkedIn is a great place to find corporate clients that book many sessions at once.

PLUS once you have one office executive as a client, news of how great you are soon spreads around their workplace!

Channels and Influencers To Connect With
LinkedIn makes it easy for you to keep up to date with industry news and trends. And it provides an easy way for you to follow and connect with Influnecers in your industry or niche area. What better way to interact with them than on LinkedIn?

Teens and Youth To Reach
LinkedIn has opened it's door to teens and college students in September 2013 and this is a great place for career coaches, youth coaches and teachers and tutors who work with college students to connect with their ideal prospects here. 

Media And Sections, Publications, Volunteer Work To Showcase Expertise and Vision
With links to videos and presentation slides, corporate trainers can showcase you training in action, and participants' testimonies. There's publication for professional to show case papers and books and sections for heart-centered entrepreneurs to share the causes they care about. 

See how you can stand out and reach professionals who are a great target for your massage clients?

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