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Reflections With Actionable Tips
on Building Heart-Centered
Online Teaching Business

Reflections with Louisa, for Heart-Centered Educators Building Online Teaching Business

with Louisa Chan (M. Ed), eLearning Professional Coach (CPC), Certified Content Marketer (Rainmaker Digital), Corporate Digital Marketing Trainer (HRDF)

Louisa Chan
Louisa Chan

Louisa Chan helps coaches and training providers (trainers, educational establishment, tutors) build rewarding businesses using Digital Marketing.

A sought after international trainer and speaker, Louisa sometimes conducts in-person bespoke training on Digital Marketing (Brand Authority, Content Marketing, LinkedIn, etc).

Prior to this, Louisa was an IT Consultant with a reputable international consultancy. As a certified Project Manager, she worked with multi-national corporations across Asia.

Her vision is to help training professionals and educators build rewarding and purpose-driven businesses as they tap into technology to impact more lives and bring about more positive changes.

  • Jerod Morris
    This show is worth you time. I have had the pleasure of working with Louisa on a number of projects. She is smart, experienced and very good at explaining difficult concept in a way you can understand and implement. This show is definitely worth your time.
    Jerod Morris
  • "Perfect bite size chunks on important topics" For anyone wanting to get into online course production this podcast has practical advice. It's easy for us to imagine that success won't find us when there is so much out there. This podcast doesn't shy away from the mindset needed to succeed. LIKE!
    Samuel P Hatton
  • Kevin Carlson
    Definitely worth listening to. Louisa is straight-forward and concise explaining complex concepts. Very clearly organized and structured. No fluff, just good, solid, practical strategies to help you with your online business.
    Kevin Carlson
  • "Valuable information" I love how Loisa covers hot topics with very thoughtful and thorough breakdowns of the key information to consider in making decisions for your online business. I consume a lot of this type of info and I love the simplicity in how Louisa breaks everything down.
    Sonia Thompson

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