Resources & Tips: Nov 12 2011


[Friday Read]: Luck and Happiness Management? Google + Fancy QR Codes too

Tips an ResourcesGreetings, welcome to another episode of Friday Read! Thanks for sending in your requests – I am incorporating your feedback in our Tips and Resources heree.

Food for thought this week is: We are Responsible for our own Happiness – as you will see in the posts below.

Time to clean out the victim mentality and start Taking Control!

Personal Development/Leadership
12 Things Happy People Do Differently
How To Train Yourself To Be More Successful
Manage Your Luck – (No Luck Management 101 in school?)

Marketing & Business
JCPEnny’s Creative Ways of Using QR Codes This Season
Costly Customer Services Mistakes You May Not Recover From
Enters Google Plus for Business

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Louisa Chan – Make Social Media Marketing Work For You

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