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Why I Decided To Be On Google Plus

google-plusLately, I am seeing less engagement on Facebook and more people setting up Google plus profiles. Google plus which was introduced in 2011 June is now the world’s second largest social network after Facebook with 500 Million users.

But should you join Google plus just because more people are using it? Why should you pay attention to G plus? And what are so many people using it now?

Although not everyone you know if on Google+ yet, it is gaining acceptance. If you would like your business website or blog site to be found by those searching for the services you offer or for your expertise, then you’ll want to get onto Google+

Because Google plus is part of the Google eco system, being on Google plus will greatly enhance your website’s online visibility and searchability. I will share four reason why I decided to be on Google plus.

Search Results – Because Google plus is part of Google whether you are using Google plus or not will affect if and how you will show up on others’ search results. Google is slowly serving more personalized search results, meaning Google will show you different results based on who you have communicated with on Google plus or Gmail. If a client or a prospect has you in her circle then you will be more likely to show up on her search results.

If you want your posts to show up on search results of others than you’ll want to be connected to prospect, clients and industry colleagues on Google plus. Try searching for a phrase while you are logged into gmail and try doing the same search without logging into any Google App (or log in using Incognito mode) and you may see different results.

Google+ Pages – This is not to be confused with Google Maps or Google Places. You can have as many Google Plus Plages as you like and these can appear as an additional search results on Google searches. You connect with your clients and others in the industry by including them in your circles and vice versa.

When a person has your company in this circle and does a search on a topic related to what you offer, your business will be more likely to show up on the search results. This is a little like following a certain Facebook Page.

YouTube – It is the second largest search engine after Google and your YouTube channel, videos and playlists too can show up as an additional entries on a search result.

Heart Centered Marketing Louisa Chan

Google plus is now being integrated with YouTube such that you can only leave comments on YouTube if you use your Google+ profile or page. This helps you expand your followers on both platforms. And if you +1 a post on Google+ this is going to show up as a thumb up on your YouTube channel which will help in your ranking. 

There is a lot more to Google+ and YouTube that I have not discussed here but it is worth mentioning that if you have a YouTube channel that too can show up as an additional search result as is your playlists and any individual videos. And it is not secret that videos rank better and faster than normal blog posts.

It is also noticed that typically, videos will get more click throughs because of the thumbnail that grabs attention. That thumbnail image is bigger than the author profile. And since the description and then length of the video is shown on the search results, website visitors will likely click on the video entry more than the rest of post which are in plain text.

Authorship – If you generate content and are blogging, you’ll want to set up your Google authorship so you can be recognized for your work and your area of expertise.

Google Authorship Louisa Chan

When you set up Google authorship, your post will show up with your profile picture giving readers a sense of who you are. This makes your post more trustworhy and the author profile image will also  draw eyeballs making your entry will stand out from the rest which only has text.  

Google Author Louisa Chan
And if you click on the profile photo in your authorship listing, it will bring you to another screen that shows related posts written by you, giving you further coverage and allowing your reader to make a better judgement of the kind of posts you writen about and your expertise area.

When you start to use Google plus, you are allowing yourself a much  better chance of showing up on search results.  Imagine showing up for a blog post that you wrote at your site (with Google authorship) followed by your YouTube channel, as well as video on the same topic. Wouln’t this bring your company much more traffic and leads? 

Care to join me on Google plus?


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