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Louisa helps Training Providers build heart-centered businesses with digital marketing so you have the time and resources to do greater works and serve a bigger purpose. Sign up for business building tips and eguide “3 Pillars For Growing An Authentic Heart-Centered Business” Here.

Group CoachingI am close to opening a new group coaching program that will help you start or transition your business online, including setting up a strong presence and helping you promote your teaching or training business to your market authentically and effectively. [Click To Read More ...]

 Louisa Chan Marketing Material“To be successful, you need to have your heart in your business and to have your business in your heart”.  Love that quote by Thomas Watson which I posted on LinkedIn.

A response says what I need is luck instead.
So do you need luck or heart to succeed? [Click To Read More ...]

Heart in BusinessThis is a short post with links to useful business building and marketing tips that I came across during the week.

Most of the tools are free to use or offer free trials so you can check them out and see how they can help you increase productivity or stay in touch with industry trends.

By the way, this is a quote that Team Louisa likes as it reminds us to do purpose-driven business from the heart and with the heart. [Click To Read More ...]